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Larger ImageThe Bueche family has been in the grocery business since 1914, when Bernard Bueche opened a small grocery store on the corner of Main and Maple in Flushing, Michigan. In 1916, he was joined by his brother, Paul, who, in 1919, became a partner in the business upon his return from the Service. Eventually, Paul became the sole owner, and operated the store until 1955, when his two sons, Maynard and Phillip, bought and took over the business.

Due to continued growth, the Store was moved and rebuilt in 1959, at a new location just to the west, across the Flint River Bridge. The store went through several expansions and remodels to maintain its emphasis on customer satisfaction and providing high quality products. Larger Image

In 1987, Maynard retired and Phillip became the sole owner of the store. Five years later, in 1992, a second store, Bueche's Food World #2, was opened in Ortonville, Michigan. The store was the first modern Supermarket to locate in the community, and it quickly built a strongcustomer base.

Phillip Bueche passed away suddenly in July of 1998, leaving the operation of the businesses to his sons Denny and Chris Bueche. After accepting the responsibility to move into the Third Bueche Generation, the first update was a 2001 addition and remodel of the Ortonville store. The grocery store was increased by 10,000 square feet, and the store went through a major remodel to keep pace with competition and with the business demand. In 2004, the Ortonville plaza was added onto, and several tenants were added to the center to continue the momentum.

Larger ImageIn 2005, the Flushing store again moved a short distance to the west after the purchase of adjacent property and the construction of a state-of-the-art Supermarket, nearly double in size of the over 40 year old building. The vacated building was remodeled to accommodate several new tenants chosen to attract shoppers to the plaza and keep the newly formed center a vibrant retail shopping concern. Larger Image

Today, Bueche’s owns two shopping centers (in Flushing and in Ortonville), each with anchor tenant Bueche’s Food World Supermarkets and several tenants selected to compliment each other’s customer base.

The Bueche Family is very proud to be a part of the Flushing and Ortonville Communities. We wish to continue to provide the highest level of facilities and service to our valuable customers, and we are committed to providing an excellent shopping experience for many years to come.